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When you visit La Paella you are not just buying food – you are also buying yourselves time. In fact, time is our star product: we take care of all the cooking and preparation so that when you arrive home, all you have to do is heat your food up and enjoy. Thanks to us, those hurried dashes to the supermarket are a thing of the past. You’ll no longer have to ask the dreaded question “What can I make for lunch today?”. You can forget about recipes, cooking times and best of all, dirty dishes! The meal is ready and the kitchen is spotless. You win every time.

As for the food, we can divide our range into three sections:

Fine dining

At the weekends and on public holidays we become a little more sophisticated and fanciful. You’ll find classic Menorcan options, such as stuffed calamari or meat with peas, but also roast suckling pig with its crispy crackling; slow-cooked shoulder of lamb that is so tender it simply melts in the mouth; calamari in a fine batter, rice noodles with prawns and vegetables, fried anchovies and lots more mouth-watering delicacies.  


With a name like ours, it will come as no surprise to learn that we also make paellas. Lots of paellas, in fact. From Monday to Sunday, every 15 minutes between 1.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m., we prepare a wide range of paellas to order: paellas with shelled seafood and boned meat, shellfish, meat, vegetables, fideuá noodles, squid ink rice… But a word of advice: if you’re planning to order a paella for a Sunday, Spain’s weekly national paella day, then order early or you may be disappointed. Honestly, they sell like hot cakes!  

The menu

On working days from Monday to Friday, we offer a wide range of dishes to cater for all tastes. Our starters include pasta and rice dishes, soups, creams, pulses and salads, followed by a choice of mains with veal, pork, chicken and fish. We make sure we offer different dishes each day to guarantee a varied offer, although due to popular demand we also include a number of staples practically all year round, such as Olivier salad, macaroni, meatballs and veal round. In contrast, other dishes are featured on the menu for just a few weeks and then disappear, never to be seen again. They are our favourites, as they are the chance to let our imagination run riot. The result is that on our single counter you will find dishes with a distinctly Asian or French flavour, as well as those Menorcan must-haves (although we know we’ll never be able to compete with grandma’s cannelloni or mum’s perol of pork ribs). There are normally around 30 different dishes to choose from, and we have to admit that we love watching your faces as you try to make up your mind which one to choose. Bread and dessert are also included in the menu, all for just €8.50. 

La Paella

Carrer de Sant Esteve, 51
07703, Mahón - Menorca
Tel: 971 36 54 31
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Open Monday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.